Unsurpassed Traffic & Exposure

Franchise Ventures portfolio of sites and apps attracts over 800,000 visitors per month. Our sites attract a diverse and engaged group of prospective entrepreneurs. Advertisting on FV, allows you to cast the widest net possible!

Lead Scrubbing

Every prospect goes through a proprietary "scrubbing" process that is putting forth our best effort to validate phone # and emails. If our system finds no red flags, and the prospect comes from one of your open states and meets or exceeds your cash required filter, then we pass the new lead(s) along to you in real-time.

Control Your Budget

You choose how many leads you'd like per month to stay within your alloted buget. This may be adjusted up or down at any time.

Custom Filtering

You determine your available states and minimum capital requirements for each lead. These filters may be adjusted at any time.

OneView Dashboard

Every FV Client has their own personal and customized client dashboard where they can view their leads in real time, monitor their lead flow and lead cap progress, and view lead credits.

Leads Per Prospect

44% of Franchise Ventures prospects submit to just 1 concept. 59% submit to 1 or 2 concepts. 70% submit to 3 or less brands. This is good news for you as it means you are not competing with tons of other concepts.

CRM Connection

We will connect to your CRM and ensure all of your leads flow smoothly into it.